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My name is Phoebe, and my work is my lifeblood. I have been a full-time, self-employed professional English tutor, editor, writing coach, and college application essay guru for the past 8 years. I am in the top 1% of Wyzant tutors nationwide and the only English professional with 9,000+ field-specific hours, ~3,000 5-star ratings, and 73 compelling testimonials. I am a scintillatingly vivacious, shrewd, forthright, decisive, kind, diligent, efficient individual who does everything possible to...
Phoebe is an amazing writer, tutor, and teacher! She tutored my son nearly 8 years ago, and I am amazed and impressed to this day. She invested her time to learn his strengths and weaknesses so she could refine his ACT Reading and Writing approaches. With her strategic thought put into improving core comprehension skills, we saw his score increase by 4 points! From this first amazing experience we had with Phoebe, we knew she would be invaluable for the daunting college application process. We were not wrong, as Phoebe went above and beyond in making sure to help our son craft great essays. She puts in a lot of thought and effort into each person she works with, and her time management and writing skills are top notch! We would highly recommend Phoebe to anyone who wants to become a better writer, analytical reader, and test taker.
- Shu A. from San Diego, CA
What more can I say about Phoebe that hasn't already been said... it is all true, she really is a fantastic tutor that goes beyond what a normal "tutor" does in every sense. Phoebe will take any confusion or doubts you have about your ability to write or get into college/grad school and turn them into beautiful, intricate pieces of writing that will astound you. And the best part is that you wrote them yourself! Phoebe will give you the tools to do so, while transforming your life story (if you are writing school application essays) into a meaningful, connected and powerful statement that is professional, extremely well-written and cohesive. I could not be more grateful for the time, effort and energy Phoebe put into helping me with my numerous grad app essays. She's also incredibly organized and will keep you on task, so be prepared to work!! I highly recommend her as a tutor, resume editor, writing coach and beyond. Thank you Phoebe for everything!
- Laura P. from Fullerton, CA
I learned about Phoebe from my friend who once got her help in a college transfer application. My friend strongly recommended me and said that she is the best tutor she has ever met. I thought my friend was just casually saying that, and since there seemed to be a lot of choices, I was not very determined in the beginning. But after our first meeting, I was very impressed by her motivation and efficiency even in front of a computer. Since then, I knew I wanted to work with her, even after the college application. Phoebe is a very talented writer because beyond polishing your sentences, she knows how to make your essay 'impress'. It's like a jigsaw puzzle, Phoebe is good at catching those small pieces in writing and fitting them together to empower. Among all the writing tutors I previously worked with, this ability definitely marks Phoebe unique. And most importantly, she helped me achieve my dream, I got into my dream school! I've always felt grateful for my friend who recommended her to me, grateful for the inspirations Phoebe brought me and her assistance. The experience with Phoebe is an unforgettable part of the goal-reaching journey of mine. I wish you the best luck and success in your future career, Phoebe!
- Xiaowen H. from Walnut, CA
Phoebe is a very well organized, astonishing tutor. Words can?t explain how lucky we felt to find Phoebe. She sparked a new level of creativity in my child. Dealing with senior year has been tough on my daughter, but with Phoebe?s optimistic uplifting nature it encouraged her to persevere with her studies and making quality college essays. The outcome was very rewarding.
- Elaine H. from Irvine, CA
Phoebe completely transformed my life and helped me change my narrative, which I thought was impossible till I started working with her. I worked with many tutors and thought I would never find the perfect fit; I felt pretty worried I couldn?t find help as I was rejected from most colleges. Stumbling upon Phoebe?s profile was a sign from the universe, genuinely. BUT I FINALLY DID!!! THANKS to PHOEBE!!!! She was INCREDIBLY gracious and so POLITE. Talk about organized, too!! Phoebe is on a whole other level, unlike anyone I know. She truly is an artist while also teaching me and mentoring me. My writing skills, critical thinking skills, and attention to detail have certainly improved remarkably, but my LIFE is better overall, too. I owe Phoebe a great deal for that. Phoebe, thank you for being a shining beacon of hope. I can never thank you enough. Not only that, but the feedback I am receiving from my professors in my current classes is something I could have never imagined; My professors often always comment positively on my writing. Phoebe completely changed my life; she has taught me so much that I would thrive at whatever college I attend, and I have so many options after working with her!! Phoebe is why I got into my dream schools and can achieve my dreams too. As a transfer, my chances of getting into a liberal arts school were slimmer, but I got into 5 of them, including the top liberal arts college in the country! Working with Phoebe over the past few months has been an incredible and life-transformative experience. Phoebe is an absolute star; even things like her work ethic inspire me to work harder and become a better student, friend, and sister. Honestly, I get emotional every time I read my essays because she truly brought the best version of writing to life. Phoebe was able to capture my spirit through words, something I never deemed possible. She helped me realize that I have a voice. I?ve never worked with someone that hardworking and absolutely brilliant. Not always is she exceeding expectations; she taught me always to present my best work no matter what, which completely transformed my current college experience as I am amazed by what I can do. Being able to learn from you is one of the greatest blessings I have in my life. Thank you so much, Phoebe; my family and I are eternally grateful for you.
- Dania T. from San Diego, CA
There's really nothing more I can add to Phoebe's already glowing reviews that you probably haven't read already. Our daughter was struggling with writing essays in general and was preparing for AP English Lit with much trepidation. Phoebe not only had her test ready in just a few short weeks, her encouragement was a catalyst for our daughter's growing confidence in her abilities that has been lacking for long. That alone made Phoebe worth every penny! Our daughter is now looking forward finding out what her AP score is in July instead of dreading it. She is also planning to work on college essays with Phoebe and actually excited about it! All we can say is, don't even hesitate if you're looking for one of the most extraordinarily intelligent, kind, organized and detail oriented tutors we've ever worked with. You won't regret it!
- Kathleen S. from Chula Vista, CA
Kind, patient, and enthusiastic are the first words that come to mind when describing Phoebe. For me, Phoebe has been a coach: she listens to the student?s experiences and needs, then designs writing exercises based on them. She prompts the students to write their paragraphs. She regularly goes over students? work and makes constant revisions to them. She explores the student?s logic and advises on their actions. All the while, she carries a positive attitude and treats the students with kindness and patience, even as she observes every painful mistake I make. Throughout the months, she has been my guide in one writing assignment after another, and after nearly a year of classes, I now have a 100-page document filled with my writing. I thank Phoebe tremendously for her instruction. She teaches professional writing, but she is also accommodating and supportive, such as writing strong recommendation letters for school applications in her extra time.
- Amanda z. from Irvine, CA
Besides being so professional, efficient and strategic, Phoebe teaches kids with her passion and heart! You can easily find a good reading/writing tutor, but you can hardly find such a great one! She helped my 6 year old son falling in love with reading and could not stop! She also had different ways to inspire him to do creative writing. We can?t be grateful and thankful enough to have her! ************************************************ Phoebe, thank you for the lesson today! Chris really loved it! I just want to share that, at the beginning of the writing class, he only could sit there for at most 10 mins to read picture books, and always hesitated to try any books with more words and less pictures. I did not know what to do to help him??. During these few writing lessons with you, Chris started to sit longer, and had much much more interested in reading, and willing to read more difficult ones. When he began to read the first magic tree house book about the Ninja Last Friday, he could only sit there to finish one or two chapters at a time, and did not want to go on. However, after a week?s time, he could sit there and finish the second book of Titanic all at once without stop. I was so surprised and could not believe it. And I tested some questions about the book and he answered all correctly. It was amazing! I really appreciated your help and inspirations to him! And I so loved your inspirations about his first ?book? - IN NEW YORK????. Now he can just sit down anytime calmly and read books, or even write something!! Thank you so much, Phoebe!
- Selene H. from Irvine, CA
Phoebe helped me with my grad school application essays, and I am so glad that I reached out to her in the first place! She is amazingly professional, efficient, patient, responsible, and accessible with a very bright personality! I have applied to 11 different programs, all of them being very competitive, and she worked with me to put together all the essays from scratch. And now I have been admitted to most of the schools!!! Honestly, I had no idea of what to write about in my SoPs when I first came to her. However, Phoebe immediately knew how to guide me, and she always pushes me to think creatively so I was able to produce quality contents. Since I am not a native speaker, I often find myself struggling to write and expand on a topic, especially when it comes to something like a personal statement. Phoebe would break each writing piece into steps and leave me very detailed instructions, which helped me greatly. I think her guidance really helped me formulate my thoughts as well as think outside of the box, and as a result, I was able to gradually realize what I would like to express through my essays, and Phoebe then helped me put pieces together to a coherent and compelling story. I would have been so lost without her guidance! I can feel that Phoebe really cares about her students. She is always prepared for sessions and is super efficient and organized. She would go through my writing before each class so that we could immediately start working when our session starts, and she would leave very detailed lesson summary and homework after each class, which helped me stay on track. She is also highly productive, whether it is a in-person meeting or a remote one, and her editing skill is superb and the results are always flawless! And she is very understanding, she always does her best to accommodate my schedule and need. I enjoyed very much working with her, and I am really thankful for her help throughout the application process! Phoebe is the best tutor you would ever meet! I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with writing!
- Demi H. from Irvine, CA
Phoebe is incredible! I wish we had found her sooner! She is giving my daughter the much needed skills in writing and analysis that she was not getting from her public school (albeit a good one too!). She is a difference maker and my daughter loves her and feels more and more confident in her abilities after each session! Can?t say enough. 10 stars if that was an option!
- Susan T. from Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA
Sorry for this very last review. Phoebe is the best tutor I ever had, she is amazing, extremely helpful, brilliant and inspiring. She helped me with my College application essay. I applied for seven grad colleges, two of them are among Ivy. I still can't believe I was admitted to all of them! Thanks so much to my great tutor Phoebe! She is very efficient, detail-oriented and motivating. She boosted my confidence for my application. Before reaching out to Phoebe, I was not confident about my application results, because I was going to transfer my major from engineering to education, which is a huge huge move. Phoebe gave me confidence, and most importantly, she set up a schedule for me to work on essays and gave me detailed and very insightful instructions on every step of the process toward success! She is very good at organizing my experience into a flawless flow of essays. I improved my writing skills a lot by working with her together on my essays. I really really enjoyed the time working with Phoebe. She made everything easier for me by breaking the whole big task (7 essays) down to detailed and scheduled small tasks in a tight timeline. Phoebe is the only person I would trust for college application essays. My friend Linda recommended her to me, and she got into Stanford.I recommended her to my friend, Olivia, we all got admitted into Columbia! Without her I would never get into Columbia University! Thank you so much, Phoebe! Crystal-16 lessons with Phoebe
- Crystal Y. from Urbana, IL
Words alone cannot describe how incredibly thankful I am to have met the beautiful, intelligent, and magical Phoebe. Phoebe helped me write my college application essays and without her I would have been lost. She took a story that is very dear to my heart and made my essay into everything I wanted them to be and more. After reading the final draft, the both of us began tearing up. They were perfect and turning in the finished product made me so excited and happy! I was not only fortunate enough to connect with Phoebe as a tutor, but also as a friend. I treasure the ways in which she helped me and will always be grateful for the connection of a true kindred spirit. Phoebe was a ray of sunshine during the entire process and was there for me every step of the way. She has an abundance of love and passion for all that she does, and I highly recommend her as someone who can enhance your life in a matter of minutes.
- Sheila N. from Anaheim, CA
Phoebe helped me study for my SAT's, AP English Language exam and English classwork. I was behind on my classwork, but with Phoebe's help, I managed to finish everything before the deadline and earn an A in the class. I was struggling with writing essays, but Phoebe's systematic approach to writing essays helped me writing better essays in less time. She also spent a lot of time in between our meetings, so that we could make the best use of the little time we had to meet. Phoebe is patient, easy to reach, and very encouraging. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help with English!
- Anna M. from Irvine, CA
We have two kids, 9 and 11, a boy and girl, who consistently were weakest with their writing skills in school report cards. With Phoebe as their tutor, in just one lesson, they became self-motivated to write and read more. This is an amazing accomplishment. What does self-motivated mean here? Phoebe assigns work for her students--books to read and an assignment to write. Our kids take it upon themselves to read these books and write the assignments. We don't need to remind them to get ready for their weekly meeting with her. There is no "I don't want to do this" from them. Instead, we hear statements like, "I really like this book Phoebe loaned to me" and "Look how many paragraphs I?ve written." And this is a direct result of Phoebe?s unique skills at inspiring her students to write. I didn't think this possible knowing our two children's aversion to writing and their lack of interest in reading due to all the electronic distractions available today. Now, both read without our asking, and write without fear or doubt. Truly wonderful, and well worth the time, energy and money spent.
- Will C N. from Tustin, CA
My daughter has been working with Phoebe for her college application essays for the last few months. Phoebe has always been very prepared and thoughtful to guide and help her. She also motivates her and stay on top of things. I especially appreciate that she keep track of the progress and is very responsive and responsible.
- Rita L. from Irvine, CA
Phoebe is an excellent tutor! She worked with my son on writing for English Literature and the ACT. Her expertise in the subject areas brought focus and clarity which allowed my son to improve academically and gain 4 points on the ACT English portion of the test. I found her to be very flexible and accommodating with regard to targeting the specific areas of academic need. I appreciate her passion for helping students reach their potential. Thank you, Phoebe, for your amazing work with my son!
- Deirdre E. from Mission Viejo, CA
This is an long overdue review for the BEST tutor in the world, Phoebe!!! She helped me to edit my college transfer (2014) and grad school (2017-18) essays and I cannot thank her enough!! I am someone who went to community college and now ends up at Stanford. :) Since English isn't my mother tongue and I am not super gifted in language learning, I was desperately looking for someone to help me with both technical and logic aspect of my personal statements back in 2014. After a quick chat with her, my heart told me that my essays will be in very good hands. :) Phoebe is very honest (with super detailed lesson summary after each session), efficient, patient and easy to communicate! She is very thorough and always make sure I am happy with the essays. Phoebe is the reason I could transfer to UCLA and now studying Education at Stanford!!! I am blessed to find her on :) She is the only person I can trust for my PS and any editing work in the future!!!
- Linda W. from Los Angeles, CA
Working with Phoebe was nothing but positive and enjoyable. I really wish I had met Phoebe earlier in my career as I struggled with writing for a long time. She worked with me very intensely to determine my challenges with writing and continuously worked to tailor our sessions to address them. Aside from lacking in strategies and skills, I also lacked the confidence and patience in myself due to my perfectionist tendencies. Phoebe helped me overcome those personal challenges by being patient and allowing me to express my personal feelings and distress without feeling judged. I also appreciated her honesty when reviewing my work, being critical when she thought something would be improved and supportive when I unfairly scrutinized my own writing. Throughout our time working together, she was entirely supportive and encouraging, allowing me to improve my writing abilities and self-confidence. I can say without a doubt that I would not have been able to complete my writing goals without Phoebe?s help. By the end of my time working with her, I had found a new sense of accomplishment and growth in my writing that didn?t think possible before. Writing is now much less stressful and even enjoyable to me. I would highly recommend Phoebe to anyone who is struggling with writing. She is an absolutely amazing writing coach and I look forward to working with her again in the future.
- Kevin N. from Fountain Valley, CA
What I enjoy most about working with Phoebe is that she is very intuitive and creates a non-judge mental environment where she allows for you to expand into your ideas. She is always willing to answer any questions or concerns in a very timely manner, and she is upfront with instructions. In addition, she is very organized and detail-oriented. Overall, a writing experience worthwhile and I cannot thank her enough!
- Arya A. from Fullerton, CA
Phoebe is very on time. She answered my questions at the beginning of session. She addressed me correctly to my points which I should know them. Totally very informative session I had.
- Shani T. from Irvine, CA
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